Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forget "the hay is in the barn".......try "the fertilizer is in the shed!"

In a recent blog post, someone whose blog I follow was referencing her marathon training with the saying "the hay is in the barn", meaning that the training is done and all that's left to do is run your race.  Turns out, we're both going to be running the very same marathon (Keybank Vermont City Marathon - Burlington, VT) this coming Sunday. 

In my case, as far as my "training" is concerned, I'll go with "the fertilizer is in the shed".  I sanitized the last phrase for your protection.  My training cycle......well, it never really got off the ground.  The good news is....I'm rested.........the bad news is.......I'm rested from LACK OF RUNNING.   #fail

Any expectations, any hopes of a particular time......all out the window now.  I'm going to find a slow pace group and hang on for dear life.

The expected weather.......looks CRAPPY.  rain....wind......and temps MAYBE hitting 50. 4th marathon with crappy weather.   At least it's not going to be hot like Boston last April!

My foot.....who the hell knows?   I might be fine, or I might start running and fall over.  I'm honestly not going to know until the gun goes off Sunday morning. me LOTS of confidence.

Part of me just wants to drive up to Vermont with my wife and enjoy a weekend away......take the DNS and move on..........but there's that other side of me that says unless I'm in a hospital bed, I'm running.  I feel like this is an internal argument I'm going to be having right up until the gun goes off.

So that's it......face it, when it comes to where I'm at so far in 2013, I'm depressed.  Definitely not turning out as I'd planned.

But who knows?  I might have a great time on Sunday and surprise myself........could happen!

So wish me dear friends whom I've never met.  Think I'll need your support......


P.S.  for those following along at home, I'm runner #3205


  1. Bill simply do your best. That is all that you can do. Walk ,Run, what you need to do and finish it if you can safely do it without risking an injury. I am super nervous myself having trained only 12 weeks and running into back pain shortly into the training cycle. I will do my best and I will be thinking of you. Good luck and have a great race!

  2. Don't sweat it Bill. You go out there and give it your all. You know your body. You'll know when to push it and when to slow it slow down. Enjoy the race and have fun with it.

    I wish you the best brother!!

  3. Ugh, I wish those of us you've never met could say or do something magical to help you feel more confident going into this. I like what Jose said.

    A good friend of mine (and btw, phenomenal runner) just had a heart attack early this morning. One of the healthiest/fittest guys I know and BAM, triple bypass and only after the paddles to revive me. Moral of the story? Enjoy the ability to run or walk and don't wear a watch. Celebrate each step and like Sandy said, "as long as you can safely do so" get to the finish when you get to the finish. This way, you'll fully recover and you WILL run again :)

    I'm rooting for you and wishing I was up there this weekend!!!

  4. Good luck, run strong & never know what will happen in a race :)

  5. This might not be your fastest race, but could be a big triumph by just completing it. Hopefully, you'll feel great on race day and have a nice race. If you don't feel quite as hot, I hope you claw and scratch your way to a nice finish and show that course who's the boss. :)

  6. Good luck & enjoy it. There will always be other marathons.

  7. My advice? Run a merrython. Smile. High five everyone. Thank everyone. Encourage anyone who needs it.

    In short, have a fabulous time!

    I'll be thinking of you as I run my own merrython :)

  8. I'd just be repeating myself so will say .... "do what all the other good folks have suggested & have fun".

    Enjoy x

  9. Me again!! Just sending you some extra good vibes for tomorrow :) VCM is a great race, so it would be a shame not to enjoy it :)

    Have fun!

  10. I'll be there in heart! You are going to rock this!!!!