Monday, January 21, 2013

A new beginning.....again!

So the 18-week training cycle leading up to my next marathon begins tomorrow.........and once again, those early doubts start creeping in once again.  As I've been dealing with some nasty little PF issues in my right heel, I'm a little concerned when I look ahead to the increase in both the frequency and distance of training runs.  I'm not really sure what's brought it on.......although I'm pretty sure the weight I've put on since my last marathon (back in October) is a contributing factor.  The weight will come off gradually as I start to train, but any type of pain is always somewhat problematic.  Thankfully, the Hanson plan starts off with a few easy weeks before really ramping things up, so I'm going to do everything I can to stretch out my right foot every day.

I've been doing almost all of my runs lately on the dreadmill, and while it's terribly boring, I'd rather run indoors than not at all.  When I'm not on a training plan, I can freely admit to be not as motivated as I am when on a plan, so I find myself not so inclined to run outside during the winter.  Our winter here in New England has been pretty mild so far, but my hypothyroidism leaves me extra sensitive to cold, particularly in my hands.  Given the choice, I tend to choose the indoor route.  Some would say that makes me a "wimp"....ok, call me what you want....I hate it when runners denigrate other runners.  While our "community" can be tremendously supportive (particularly those who read and write blogs!), there are plenty of those out there who like to look down on others who aren't as fast/skinny/tough as they are.  I'm a big man who only started running in my late 40's after deciding to fight my way out of a lifetime of obesity.  I'll never be as skinny or as fast as others, but I've run 3 marathons (including the 2012 Boston Marathon), so I'll take anyone on who claims I'm lacking in toughness simply because I choose to occasionally run indoors on a day when others would run outdoors.  "Judge not, lest ye be judged"......

I'm hoping to PR in May, so I've got a long, hard road ahead of me.  This training program is more qualitative than quantitative in nature, and that's going to be a big change from the way I've trained previously.  Adding in speedwork......OMG, I'm going to be doing SPEEDWORK?   Of course, you'll be able to time my repeats with a sundial, but you'd better believe I'll be doing them!

All that said, NOW I'll have every reason I need to blog the schedule kicks in, I know I'll be having LOTS to share.  I've been saying for a long time that I've been needing to start blogging again, so FINALLY, I think I can put that all to rest. 

The schedule begins tomorrow........the end point is on May 26th in Burlington, Vermont.

Wish me luck........and I'll see you all down the road!