Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just back from the Medway Turkey Trot.......a little bit chilly (38) at 7:30, but perfect for running!  I was breaking in some new shoes (Saucony ProGrid Guide 5.....BRIGHT orange!) and was just looking to have a good run.....hopefully under 28 minutes.  I felt good at the start, but was definitely stuck in slow-moving traffic over the first mile (9:15), but I didn't start weaving and passing.....maybe I should have because the 2nd mile was decidedly hillier (9:18), but I just kept rolling.  Mile 3 was more downhill and flat, so I was finally able to stretch it out a bit (9:01) as I felt I was more warmed up, and then suddenly it was over.  5K's just seem to fly by......I guess my frame of reference has shifted since I started focusing on the marathon, but I barely seem to get going and then it's over.  Still, it was a good race and I felt good about my time....28:34.

Now, it's time to enjoy my favorite holiday on the calendar...........I think what I love most about Thanksgiving is that it's a holiday without a specific "agenda".....just a time to celebrate the bounties of life, the joy of family, and the warmth of togetherness........not to mention a crap-load of turkey, stuffing and FOOTBALL!!!!!!

I wish all the best to all of you.......I'm thankful for being part of cyber-runner/blogger community and am still quite tickled at the idea that I actually have readers!  I've enjoyed sharing in all of your adventures and hope that you've enjoyed reading about mine. 

On this day, may your homes be full of laughter and love, and your bellies full of yummy food!

I'll see you all out there on the road tomorrow.....running off the stuffing!  :>)


  1. Awesome run Bill!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! My husband & I ran 13.1 as a training run so we can eat A LOT! Gobble, gobble!

  3. I think every blogger (including me) did some form of Turkey day race. Gotta love them. Such a great way to start the day off on a positive note. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Way to go Bill. Hope your Thanksgiving goes well. Waiting for the Pats to hit the field!! Go Pats!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend. xoxoxoxo!

  6. How couldn't be a Turkey Trot if it was't crowded?