Friday, July 13, 2012

Just dropping in....

to say hello to everyone!

I've been back from my trip to Portland for a few days now, and still haven't blogged until now.  The trip was awesome, as my chorus put on a terrific performance in our contest.  I also was able to enjoy the 5K I ran last Wednesday (see picture below) and feel that I'm ready to have fun running the UnitedHealthcare Jamestown (RI) Half-Marathon tomorrow morning, so I feel confident promising a decent race report tomorrow.

Regarding the C.A.T. 5K (Hillsboro, OR) that I ran last week, I didn't register in time to get a "timed" bib (until now, I've never experienced a race that issues bib numbers that aren't timed???), so my time doesn't show up anywhere, but it was a good race for me....28:07, which would have had me finishing in the top 100 (guess it was a slow race!  LOL), but I certainly wasn't expecting to find any photographic evidence of my being imagine my surprise when the first photo posted to their Facebook page was this:

Love the streaming sunlight was a gorgeous morning!

There I am.....white shirt, blue shorts.....checking my trusty Garmin!

This is the 2nd year in a row I've managed to run a race while in a "strange" city for a barbershop harmony convention/contest.  Last year, I ran the Rock The Crossroads 5K in Kansas City, MO, and this year it was the C.A.T. 5K in Hillsboro, OR.   Next July, our convention is in Toronto, so I'm hoping I'll be able to find some local race to run in Canada!

That's all for now.....almost time for dinner.  Should be a great day to run tomorrow and I'm hoping to bring it in somewhere around's a training run, so I'm not planning to try for a PR (2:01), but who knows.....if I'm feeling good, I just might go for it.  Full report tomorrow!


  1. Must be fun knowing that you'll race in a new place every year!

  2. so glad to see you posting, have missed you!

  3. Bill, you are probably already underway at this time, but I still wanted to wish you a good race this morning. I look forward to your recap !!

  4. I can see that you are done with your race and you did well! The weather makes such a difference and I don't think it has been good to any of us lately! Nice job!