Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time to start blogging again...

So as I've struggled to motivate to run since Boston, I've also struggled to chronicle my struggles in it would seem that my running and my writing about my running are somehow connected?

This is also a particularly difficult part of the year for me.  My school year is running down, and I find as my students become less and less motivated to do their work, I have to ramp up my motivation and enthusiasm to try to compensate.   The effort tends to leave me a bit drained by the time I leave school in the afternoon and I have a hard time mustering up the energy to lace 'em up and hit the road.

In addition, my chorus is preparing for a big competition in early July out in Portland, OR, and there's a lot of work to be done to be ready for weekly rehearsals.  To make matters more interesting, I just got promoted to the front row, so I have additional preparation for that.

Add to that and the lack of any semblance of a training schedule (right now), and I've got a whole big bunch of First World Problems (thanks, Gingerfoxx!!!) getting in my way.

The fact is, school will be over in 26 days, my chorus competition will be over on July 6th, and I'll be back on a training schedule to get ready for the ING Hartford Marathon starting on June 10th, so everything will be going back to "normal" again very soon.........and that means NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

So before I pick my little guy up from school today and get him ready for his baseball game, I'm going to get out there and run......and I'm going to keep running..........because it keeps me sane, balanced, and fit.  Because it helps me to be a better teacher, singer, friend, brother, uncle, son, father, husband, and man.

Because it's a part of me.......and it's something I simply love to do!

See you all out there on the road!


  1. Way to go Bill. Sometimes, it seems like we have to fight both ourselves and the world around us to carve out that time the rejuvenates us...that time on the road where good, clean effort always moves us forward in one way or another.

    So here's to "normal's return"...whatever normal is ;-)

  2. Keeping sane, balanced and fit. I never seen it described as that, but I like it!

  3. The way i see it, if its under 90 degrees, we have to run just to give thanks for that, haha :D

  4. Get out there and run when ever life gives you the chance. We all get busy, but it's a guarantee that it will make your day a whole lot better!

    I agree, running makes us a better person all around.....

  5. love hearing from you...keep us posted, we miss you!

  6. Hey you're back! Good luck getting out to hit the road- the kids will be out of your hair soon enough! (and will then be my problem, oh the joys of summer camp..)

  7. I hear you! School is winding down for me too and I'm exhausted. Have a big race on Sunday and I haven't run all week!!

    My Running Shortz