Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston was EPIC!!!!

Finally back home after running the 116th Boston Marathon.................5:32:21

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to kick back with my girl here......enjoy a little well-earned pizza.......and I'll do my best to try to summarize a peak life experience here tomorrow.

I ran the Boston Marathon


  1. Congratulations!! It took some commitment to get out there in that heat!

  2. congrats, so amazing especially in the heat!!

  3. Tracked you all day! Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment in some brutal conditions - can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Hi Bill!

    Congrats! I had such a great time at my boring old work following your splits! (as well as MissZippy) You did a better job of even pacing than her group did ;) Props to you!


  5. So proud of you! Was waiting to hear this exact posting! YOU ROCK!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was tracking you and hoping you didn't let the heat stop you!! You are SUCH a badass!!! Enjoy that pizza, i can't wait to hear your recap!!!

  7. NICE going!!!! Wish I was you :))
    Enjoy your evening!

    My Running Shortz

  8. Great Job!!! You are the man!!!

  9. congrats Bill on your accomplishment. I know what it means to you. You are the man! Now let's gets back to singing on the risers! JeffF