Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A day off.....

 I find it hard to believe that I didn't post after my long run this past weekend, because it was a really good run.........went over 15 miles, making it (again) the longest run I've done since I ran my marathon back in 2009.  I guess by now I should stop referring to each of these long runs as "the longest I've done since......", because each one going forward is going to be a new "longest run since.....".  So I'll stop.

But today was a different story.   I was supposed to run 7, but by the time I got home from school, I was just drained and not "feelin' it", so rather than push myself out the door, I gave myself the day off.  If I've realized nothing else, I've embraced the need to really get some quality rest to aid in the recovery process, and the past few nights weren't very restful.  By the time I woke up this morning, my neck was a little stiff and my legs felt a bit dead.  I guess I didn't want to admit it at the time, but as I was downing an ibuprofen with my morning coffee, I had an inkling that by the afternoon, I might not feel like gettin' out there.  I had a pretty good teaching day, but when I finally arrived home, I sat in my car in the driveway, listening to the radio.....and decidedly NOT jumping out to get changed for my run.

If ever there was a clear indicator of a lack of motivation, there it was!

So looking at the calendar, and realizing that Boston is still more than 70 days away, I gave myself license to slide my training schedule one day to the right.....this way, I'll have something good to do before the Super Bowl on Sunday....getting out for another 15-miler.

Ok, so I got "tagged" by Trying to find my running mojo again to do one of those "11 Random Things About You" dealies, so here goes.......

1. How old were you when you started running?
I was an ancient 45 years old

2. What motivated you to start running?
After losing 100 pounds, I was finally able to run.....and wanting to continue the weight loss and KEEP it off, running just seemed like the perfect exercise for me.  And then it became WAY more than just a way to exercise....

3. Do you ever catch any flack from friends/family if you look at your running schedule before you say "Yes" to plans.
My ever-lovin' wife has been amazingly accomodating to me.....but in reality, when I'm not training for a marathon, it's usually pretty easy to work around my plans.

4. If $ were no problem, what race would you love to do, where & why?

While I can't imagine ever being able to run the distance in the allotted time, the Comrades Marathon in South Africa would be a pretty amazing experience.

5. What is the biggest mistake you've ever done in a race?

I've never really made a mistake in a race.....I'm too damn slow to make mistakes!  LOL

6. If you were told you had to choose between cake & ice cream OR running, which would you choose & why?
I'd choose much as I love cake and ice cream, I've already had to choose to make the changes necessary to overcome obesity and live a healthier life.  I can't say I'd be happy to have to make the choice, but I think I could do it......but really, who wants to live without ice cream???   

7. Which do you prefer, running in groups or alone? 

I tend to do most of my running and training alone.....I actually prefer groups, but I almost always end up getting dropped, so I still end up alone.

8. Which celebrity would you run with living or dead?
Steve Prefontaine........George Washington...........Martin Luther King, Jr.

9. If you've completed a marathon, how long do you typically wait to run again?
Well, I've only run 1 marathon so it's a really small sample size, but I took a week off.  It was too soon to start again, so it's a mistake I won't make after running Boston this April!

10. Which seasons are your favorite & least favorite to run?
That's easy.....I enjoy warm weather, so I'd say that summer is my favorite season, with winter tending to be my least favorite, although this wonderfully mild winter has made it easier to run.

11. What is your favorite sport to participate/watch other than track/running related sports? 
Hard to choose between football and baseball......


  1. Thanks for participating! I love reading about how other runners got started training & the outcomes. Losing 100 lbs, well, that in itself is an inspiration. I'm going to forward your blog to a cousin of mine who needs to lose about that much. So, happy your training is going well, too!

  2. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! I'm a proud member of the 100-pound club, too.

  3. Have to agree with you Bill that running would be my choice, but who really wants to live without ice cream?

    Congratulations (belated of course) on the massive weight loss as well. That is a an awesome accomplishment (not just the losing, but the stabilizing afterwards as well...probably one of the hardest parts).

  4. HI, new follower here :-)
    Love your Comrades marathon dream. i used to live in South Africa and would help every year at the water station before Bothas Hill (the half way mark) and I used to cry every year when the gun went off to signal cut off time; I STILL can't actually watch the gunman fire the gun!!!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss, Bill. Wish we lived closer, I'd never drop you as I am slow slow slow! You may drop me! LOL

  6. I'm sorry your Pats lost. ;-(
    But I'm happy for the Giants.
    Other than that I hope your weekend long run went well.