Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Wonderland?????

Now mind you, I'm not exactly complaining........but where the heck is the snow?  Not that I'm advocating for the ridiculous amount we got hammered with last winter, but it just seems wrong to have bare ground in late December.  I hope this doesn't mean we're going to get buried later in January, but it does make one wonder.....

Looks like I've picked up the nasty little cold that's made it's way from Ben last week, to Barb over last weekend, and finally to me.  Started to really feel it on Tuesday afternoon when we went to the Wrentham Outlets for a little post-Christmas bargain hunting and started attacking it with the Tylenol/Sudafed cluster bomb......thankfully, it's now down to mostly nasal congestion, but it's still not much fun to be under the weather.

In spite of it all, I've still been managing to get my runs in.  It really does seem to be true that as long as things are confined above the shoulders, you're still able to run.  In fact, I've had some really good runs this week.  In many ways, 2011 was a less-than-favorable year, but running-wise I cannot complain.  I'm finishing the year strong, healthy, and injury-free, and very much looking forward to going through my training program to get ready for my date with destiny on April 16th.  I'm still so tickled at the mere thought of running the Boston Marathon, but I know that the reality is out there waiting for me.  The fundraising has slowed to a trickle, and that's weighing on my mind a bit.  I've put the word out there to many people, but have only gotten a few responses.  Perhaps it's the problem with the time of year, when everyone's tapped out from the holidays, but there's also the consideration of getting tax-deductible donations in by the end of the calendar year.  I was hoping for a bit of a last-minute rush, but that might not be happening.  I'm not disheartened, but remain hopeful for a nice uptick in 2012.......after all, when we committed to this process, we knew that we'd be personally on the hook for any shortfall from the minimum requirement.  Thankfully, we're already nearly 60% of the way to goal, but that still leaves us over $1500 short......needless to say, the work still remains to be done!

Anyhow, I just want to wish everyone out there a very safe and happy New Year.  Enjoy the time with your friends and family, and continue to make every day count!

See you all out on the road....



  1. I know what you mean - it is an odd sight to see bare ground in December....does make one wonder about what lies ahead!

    The time of year is probably having an affect on your fundraising - luckily there's still lots of time.

    Glad the head cold isn't slowing you down! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours Bill!
    Don't give up hope on the fundraising, it's a tough job but you can make it happen. Boston will be SO worth it! : )
    No snow here either....weird...but I'm not complaining.

  3. Thanks for following! ..... and a local runner too!! Looking forward to reading your blog. Happy New Year!!